Gypsyrosechariot Training
 A 12 week apprenticeship of empowering yourself

-as a rainbow warrior

-reclaiming your balance in your divine masculine and feminine

-stepping into your vision and planting seeds of grounding, grace, gratitude and glory

-  Step into your heart courage to overcome obstacles

-become the embodiment of your unique authentic heart rose

-utilize new creative tools to catalyze your dream journey with tapping and Chinese energetics

- become a Gypsyrosechariot and learn all the tools you need to host inspirational tapping groups

- lead your own Tapping Tipi in your community

- lay the foundation to co-create the new earth

-master your Empowerment Journey

- manifest your vision

- create Tribal Union

- connect and create a thriving community.

One 60 min session per week, access to all group work,
unlimited email and phone support, guidance and programs in creating online and in person groups in your community.

Investment: $2,997

If we surrendered to earth's intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

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Tapping Tipi Group work - 4 week Series

On monthly rotation, 8 participants max

request calendar:

1. Alchemical Union 
~ Balancing your inner yin and yang

2. Yoni Health ­& Awakening Womb 
~ Intimate focus on women's health 

3. Self Care is Sexy
~ Learn how to put yourself first

4. Creative Healing - Viva L'avantgarde!
~ Release your inner tortured artist and reclaim your creativity

5. B E A U T I F U L

~Invoking your muse & the art of relaxation in your skin

4 week Series, 1 60 min private session, 4 group calls, Facebook group

Investment: $197.00

"you will never know how much you helped me, I can never thank you enough" 
Joanna Garza, text message, 5 years after 1 EFT session

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Forget safety. 
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.”
― Rumi

Welcome!  If you made it here, you are probably really ready for a shift in your life - I mean business and I will be your soul's greatest ally!

Emotional Freedom Technique:
 also known as meridian tapping sessions can be done in person, over the phone or with skype.   My unique, intuitive style incorporates "access consciousness" work and the Hawaiian forgiveness work of Ho'opono'pono, clearing emotional blocks in body, mind & spirit.

it's like changing your mind in your body!​

One month

Inner Tour Guide Series 
Work with me!  One month one-on-one Inner Tour Guide coaching. Bring your own issue and we will give it dedicated time.  EFT moves through blocks so efficiently and swiftly, years of potential therapy turn into just weeks.

Rainbow Warrior - Rite of Passage
One month to heal, reclaim and regenerate your body, mind & spirit while improving your ancestors, we will rapidly work on 1st through 7th chakra healing and transform into our soul’s version of our magical potential.  Together we will clear emotional, sexual and birth trauma, fear and grief and change your mind in your body for ultimate freedom, completing it in a rite of passage ceremony.

One 90 minute session per week, unlimited email support, guided homework and your own box of energy medicine tools:

Investment: $497.00 

Alchemical Union - Invoking your Twin Flame
8 week  courageous program of improving your broken heart, coming into balance in your own divine masculine and feminine and falling in love with yourself so you become irresistible to your twin flame - before you know it. Creative and practical exercises and moving some serious energy to upgrade your vibration to make you a match to what YOU WANT.  Stop the search now and come into peace with yourself and your past.

One 90 minute session per week, unlimited email support, guided homework and optional FB group support

How much is love worth to you and being comfortable in your body?

Investment: $888.00

Single session 

90 minutes on any shift you are needing

in person, skype or phone


Workshops and Retreats by request 

 From possible to actual

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you have not experienced an insight or new awareness after the first session I will refund the full cost of your session.

Feel free to call me for a free evaluation and more information on any of the Series

Payment plans available