2. Alchemical Union 4 wk Series

Payment Plan $25 down

Alchemical Union

Twin Flame Preparation 4 week Series
Balancing your inner yin & yang
(or: How to make yourself more desirable to yourself, then others -haha)


I invite you to enter the Tapping Tipi in sacred, virtual circle:

This series is designed to investigate your heart, clear out the cobwebs and regenerate your vibration to magnetize the love you have been looking for. We will explore our pasts with guided visualizations and upgrade our nervous system with emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or meridian tapping). This is about creating alchemical union within us and stepping into balance with our divine feminine and divine masculine and revealing the shadows.

We will expose and break subconscious patterns that have been sabotaging our relationships, heal and forgive ancestral and cultural conditioning and programming and you will leave empowered with a tool box to navigate your intentional path. This in-depth 4 week process is supportive, confidential, compassionate and highly transformational, plus easy on your wallet! 

Your biology is your biography, so our goal is to access the generations of genetic trash and move the emotional signature of fear, grief, shame, unworthiness and rejection that has been passed on and that you have recreated based on your vibration. We will consciously co-create a portal together to bring our body and minds into the present moment with authenticity, integrity and intimacy. This is about unfolding your heart in a safe, CONFIDENTIAL, compassionate space and open to new, magical possibilities.


From astrologer Kelly Rosano on twinflames:

"Remember that the biggest relationship and the longest relationship you will have is with Self. If we are not healthy with Self we cannot be healthy with our true love.

Self-mastery is foundational in uniting with our Twin Flame. Self mastery is essential in having a healthy relationship. The more Self-mastery you garner, the greater your light will be to attract and keep your beloved Twin Flame.

The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Twin Flames and Soul Mates, that is why the collective negative forces want to sabotage the divine lovers and keep them apart. The power of true love to heal our economy, planet and people comes from Twin Flames and soul mates united in purpose. If we had a larger group of soul mates and Twin flames together today, we would wonder where all the problems we are facing went?"

great video about EFT:

Here an article on the potency of group EFT:


1 hour meeting. Includes guided visualiztion & check-in. Your responses are shared in our FB group and a custom tapping video will be sent for you to do every week.

$197.00 for the series, recorded calls for replay access
Includes: 1 60 min private session 
4 group calls, 1x per week
4 custom tapping videos
Private FB group to share
Guided homework for each week


*contact me for discounts for past participants
or for payment plan, add $25.00

**NOTE: past participants in different time zones (Australia, Japan, UK, Scotland, Canada, France) only did the replays and participated in the FB group with homework, experiencing being part of the calls and enjoying massive shifts in their world after, so if you have to miss any live calls, not to worry, the recordings are just as effective to tap along to. *****

To register, email me and paypal $25 to save your spot


~May your secrets become your healing~


"You have helped uncover things my therapist hasn't been able to touch. Can I let myself be truly loved, seen, and valued by an amazing man? I believe the work was pivotal, as it opened me up to self fogiveness and self respect.
~Randi Yael, Santa Fe

" Firstly, I have never felt freer in myself, loved myself more and been more content with who I am as I have done after July. I have completely opened up also to others and not just to my new love. I feel closer to people in general. All relationships are well and thriving."
~Kaisa, Scotland

" Before I met you I was so done with men, relationships, love all of it.. Even though deep down all I ever wanted was to find "the one". I have known Alex for a couple of years and always thought he was nice and handsome. I never would have expected to be in love with him. He says he always knew there was something between us, but the timing was not right until it just was! Everything between he and I started so mellow. Never lustful and in a hurry. It has been PERFECT. I fall more and more in love with him every day. He blows me away with how sweet, thoughtful, passionate and loving he is. He pays attention to the details. He notices stuff about me and thinks that I am the most beautiful girl in the world. I can't find an angle of him that I don't like. And the feeling is mutual. Its always been so easy between us. We feel like we've been together forever. We have a lot of fun together. Yes, definitely twin flame feeling. We are both so happy and in love there is no reason to look any further. Awe..talking about it makes my heart swell with love to the point where I feel like it may burst! Thank you!! 
To be more specific, my shift is that you helped me to restore my faith in love. True love, the real thing, in its purest form...does exist. I just needed to look deeper within myself to really see what that looks and feels like to me.
In no way do I feel like I am settling. He is THE most perfect man for me in every way. Really. Its quite unbelievable to me. Xxoo"
~Kristin C, Santa Cruz

"I love Veruschka’s Twin Flame Rainbow Warrior 4-session month-long workshop! Her perfect balance of deep introspection and gentle healing practices left me with a totally full and easy to use tool box to open my heart to loving myself and creating a version of myself that is ready to receive love and reciprocate that unconditionally. This was my first experience with EFT and I am completely blown away. Be prepared for some serious energy movement, though!!!" - Wendy, Berkeley CA

"I really enjoyed this Twin Flame 4 week process, or unfoldment, with Veruschka. It allowed a process for me of going deeper into myself, of listening to, and seeing myself from a standpoint of Love, Courage, and Strength. I feel mostly that it has allowed me to look at myself in an unapologetic way, feeling uncompromising on what I want and expect from the Universe, my World, the People, and the Situations in it. I have done an extensive amount of work on myself, Spiritually, Mentally, and Emotionally, and it still, gave me perspective in a way nothing else has. Thank you Veruschka, my fellow Buddah." - Lauren, Los Angeles

"Veruschka, this has been life giving AND life changing!"
-Meg, New York

"Whether you are in a relationship or not (we are ALL in relationship!), this EFT teleseminar can have a significant impact on healing ancestral wounds which we all have. I have been doing so many types of inner work for many years and I was truly blown away by the impact this had on my soul. I highly recommend it. Everyone around you and your ancestors will benefit! Thanks again, Veruschka. You have a rare gift and powerful gift for the world. May all beings benefit." - Therese, Arcata

"Veruschka is a powerful and effective healer. After just a few EFT sessions with her, I now feel much lighter and much more empowered in situations where I used to feel resistant and stuck. Working with her has brought joy and growth to my life and also to my business. Mahalo!"
-Pace, Portland

"This series rocked!" - Victoria, Ashland

1. Alchemical Union 4 wk Series


 Alchemical Union - Invoking your Twin Flame
Balancing your inner yin & yang

Courageous program of improving your broken heart, coming into balance in your own divine masculine and feminine and falling in love with yourself so you become irresistible to your twin flame - before you know it. Creative and practical exercises and moving some serious energy to upgrade your vibration to make you a match to what YOU WANT.  Stop the search now and come into peace with yourself and your past. You will see your efforts rewarded in every area of your life, including your family and lineage.

Pretty much, you will be stepping into and discovering your inner rainbow warrior.
I am the classic case of resignation, doubt, disappointment, anger, resentment and grief. I had all but given up on relationships. Through my own personal journey of facing the deepest shadows and the most ridiculous situations, I reclaimed my own self-worth and stepped into my power and before I even saw it coming, my twin flame tapped me on the shoulder and surprised me 3 WEEKS later. I did not know what that word meant until I met him. 
Through my own experience and fulfilling relationship and dynamic love I am motivated and inspired to share this journey with others. It is for EVERY ONE, no matter of your gender or orientation, this is a radical self-love and radical responsibility and co-creative program if you are serious about giving and receiving love in your life. I do this because knowing that you are worthy to experience the satisfaction of being a fully embodied human being is truly rewarding and, as a side effect, creating a new earth.

My role as facilitator will be like the voice of on the phone of Charlie of Charlie's Angels, and I will give you mysteries to solve and send you angels out into the world with your innate wisdom to find clues and crack our cases - a fun, deep, co-creative adventure in sacred circle.