You can go at your own pace and have one-on one interaction with me as you turn your weekly homework in and I release the tapping session and the next lesson. Take up to 8 weeks to process and ongoing inspiring & supportive FB group.

We will be:
-unearthing poverty mentality
-clearing ancestral & cultural programming
-blowing through glass ceilings
-dreaming BIG
-bending spoons (I am serious, each of us, live on the call!!)

Our last benefits:
-my mom winning a game show in Germany, paying off all our debts
-someone's spouse receiving a surprise bonus and them paying off school loans & traveling
-invitation to show paintings at an art show in a big city
-being offered a huge self-employment contract out of the blue, being able to name their price
-huge family healings and new communications
-new travel invitations and opportunities
-unexpected job offers and gifts
-heart opening
-bent spoons 

​"I'm hot.
Every seed I spit grows."

~Tsung Tsai

Literally everything we say or direct our attention towards plants seed. When we are 'hot' about something, there is energy behind it, let's learn how to direct this from a place of non-scarcity. 

***** We begin March 2 in your inbox however START ANYTIME *****

Investment: $111.00
Includes: 4 guided visualizations, 4 tapping sessions, guided homework, secret FB group to share, be inspired, celebrated & supported and email interaction with moi~

Your choice:
1. Pay in full $111.00
2. $22 down to total $123 within 5 weeks
3. You propose payment plan within 60 days plus $22
4. $143 with a 60 minute private with me upon completion of the program (within 8 weeks)

I offer verrrrrry flexible payment plans as I have TOTAL FAITH we will create miraculous breakthroughs!! 
Paypal and I will send you information and access instructions 
or Paypal here

TESTIMONIAL that was delivered as a casual comment, shared by permission :)

"I believe the tapping and our sessions has changed me, and I would like to keep diving into these realms. Despite having a wonderful therapist, our sessions really got to the core of old issues in ways therapy doesn’t touch. So so grateful, THANK YOU."
(recent email from current Tapping Tipi attendee)

"We tapped on my heart's desire to move in with my boyfriend, realizing I wished he would initiate the process. I had quite a few fears about it, which we were able to get to. That night he asked to be on my lease for technical reasons. The following week we were making plans to move in together by the end of this month. This really works, it blew my mind!" 

~Michelle R, Sidney, Australia

 Amplifying your Abundance
Opening up your Prosperity Channels

Are you tired of only having enough to get by and feeling in debt in many areas of your life? 
Are you frustrated with the late fees and a little guilty and shamed to say no...because there isn't enough?
Existence is inviting us to bust out of this old mind-set and energetic pattern. 
With my special blend of guided prompts, tapping and format of grace, grounding, gratitude & glory, we will create a sacred container in the Virtual Tapping Tipi and open the channels of abundance - our divine birthright.

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.

~St Augustine 

The trick with spending money lies in knowing, with every fiber of your being, that it will return.
And so it must.

As if on wings,

   The Universe

Willing and Allowing

Willing and Allowing are crucial factors in creating what we desire. "Willing' pushes the boat from the shore and "allowing' rows the boat across the water.

When we say we really want something, such as going to the gym once a week or adopting any new habit, the "want to" usually remains in the form of a wish without any action.

This lack of follow through could be for a number of reasons (such as we don't feel like we deserve), but more than likely it is because we don't understand how experiences and things come into being, and therefore we are not activating the right elements of the process.

Allowing is the kind of action that is really non-action. Most people think if they want something, they just have to pedal harder. If we are really allowing an experience to come into being, that allowing already demonstrates that we understand the mechanics of creation, and we relax into it rather than pushing into it. Allowing is letting our subatomic particles reorganize into the pattern we are willing to experience.

Willing and Allowing are like electricity. You don't see it, so you often don't give it credit, but they are vitally important components of the human creation process with a direct effect on the outcome. The good news is, they are completely within our conscious choice.Willing and Allowing are properties of our experience, so familiar to us every day that when someone points it out we think, "Oh, my goodness yes!" We use them all of the time without realizing it, but our minds are so muddled we often use them against ourselves. It's like trying to poke someone and poking ourselves instead!


Some people believe that humility is simply the absence of arrogance. But it is much more than that. Humility allows us to accept greatness.

It allows us to feel the fullness and greatness of who we are without it ever being an issue of going over into conceit or superiority. There is no part of us that wants to own it—we simply accept it. Humility has an incredible ability that allows us to embrace optimal experiences without being claimed by the ego. Humility acknowledges our oneness with God, and accepts it!

It has a sweetness, kindness, gentleness, and tenderness to it where we can feel tremendous reverence for ourselves and others. Humility is a very beautiful and unusual signature pattern.