"I'm hot. Every seed I spit grows." ~Tsungh Tsai

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What do you want to create?

What does your personal archetype of a GypsyRoseChariot look like?  From the comfort of your home in the world or a customized in-person retreat on the Big Island of Hawai'i, I can design the perfect program for you that will transform your life and give you the tools and expertise to craft a new reality.....what else is possible?

Gypsyrosechariot Training
 A 12 week apprenticeship of empowering yourself

-as a rainbow warrior

-reclaiming your balance in your divine masculine and feminine

-stepping into your vision and planting seeds of grounding, grace, gratitude and glory

-  Step into your heart courage to overcome obstacles 

-become the embodiment of your unique authentic heart rose

-utilize new creative tools to catalyze your dream journey with tapping and Chinese energetics

- become a Gypsyrosechariot and learn all the tools you need to host inspirational tapping groups

- lead your own Tapping Tipi in your community

- lay the foundation to co-create the new earth

-master your Empowerment Journey

- manifest your vision

- create Tribal Union

- connect and create a thriving community.

One 60 min session per week, access to all group work,
unlimited email and phone support, guidance and programs in creating online and in person groups in your community.

Investment: $2,997