Creative Healing

- Viva Heart Courage! -

4 week Series
Release your inner tortured artist and reclaim your creativity

Are you ready to access your heart and live from your right brain?  

Do you need a breakthrough in your creative blocks?

Are you ready to try new things?

Warning:  This could change your life.

Are you curious about having alchemical experiences with art, photography, music, movement,  writing and painting?  

Are you wanting to find your style and create a website and have been putting it off?

This 60 day immersion is designed to break through limited thinking and get you into your body to transform and catalyze new dimensions in your life.  It's time to open up portals to your infinite awareness and allow your creativity to blossom and shine.  
Have you wondered what Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert are talking about or do you KNOW what they are talking about but just need to get over some sabotaging beliefs, procrastination and performance anxiety?

There is no better time to give yourself the gift of support to:

-carve out some personal space during unsettling holiday stress
-have a supportive container to consciously acknowledge and release 2015

-create and dream into being your most fun and glorious 2016 with cheerful and empowering support

​-identify you limited thinking you have taken on from your family and society

-clear comparisonitis and move from competition to curiosity 

-have accountability with a project you have been avoiding and have fear and confusion around

-soul-search a long lost love of a craft you have been afraid to revitalize

-get in touch with your magical inner-child that has been patiently waiting for you to play

-unchain your authentic creative genius

-unveil and shatter your glass ceilings and upper limits

-find the soul of your business you desire to express authentically

-tackle tech fear and turn yourself into tech yoda

-discovery and embody more of your unique fragrance

-feel the fear and do it anyway

-translate your heart message into your soulful business 

-motivation, motivation, execution, awe = celebration!
​-have fun getting to know new parts of yourself that have been dormant for too long!

Weekly guided projects, bring your individual creative endeavors to become inspired and empowered in.

We will meet every two weeks over the phone to clear our collective blocks and beliefs.

One 1 on 1 60 min session, 4 group calls, motivational FB group, exercises and guidance, unlimited support & inspiration

Next dates: Jan 11,  2016

"Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly."

- Franz Kafka

Why this silly picture from last year?

This is an image that informs me that:

-I took up photography with my smart phone again after abandoning my dream 20 years ago

-that I completed a yoga teacher training although I had massive back problems for 10 years and never thought I would do yoga again in my life

-I am free of joint pain now

-I magically live on the edge of the world with my dream partner after failing to be able to live here in 2008

-I have taught my self how to join social media and connect myself to the world

-I have discovered my love for altering photographs with diverse applications

-I have learned how to navigate technological things myself and share my passion with the world

-I have successfully aided amazing women in empowering themselves by tapping over the phone, although I had no idea that could be possible

-I have looked my worst fears in the eyes that I did not know even existed

-After 20 years of collecting beads from all over the world, I finally started turning them into Magic Wands for your ears and they now grace magical priestesses

-My articles have been published in a few select zines

-I have reconnected to the earth in ways that flowers started speaking to me and was shown to make essences to support the vibrational body

-I have started to paint in the company of talented artists who accept my noviceness and I change my inner landscape every time I paint

-I have released more limiting judgements and grown more confidence in my unique gifts

-I have never been encouraged to share and am now interviewing people who intimidate me and am inspired by and share them publicly

-I have more peaceful relations with friends, family and partnership
-feel more rewarded and empowered in my life purpose

-I feel more abundant and self-expressed than I ever have in my life