Floralia Session

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"I was sitting in a meeting on the verge of tears and thought to myself , I could use a real solid coach and of course you popped to mind." 

~Michelle Rose, Personal Development Love Coach and current client, Sydney, Australia

"​Veruschka has a gift I have been blessed to experience. She's my favorite EFT practitioner to date!! And brings to it so much more richness, depth and power for transformation with love, gentleness and grace!"

~Nicole Eva-Maria Brandt, Santa Monica, CA

​"Veruschka has helped me unlock and release confusion and deeply embedded blockages within my body through her transformative EFT calls. I've never worked with such a potent and honest healer. I'm so blessed, and elated that I get to participate in her workshops. She is a teacher, a wayshower. With her guidance you can absolutely create the life you want. Veruschka is my genie in a bottle! She provides a safe and loving space in which to shed old layers and reveal your personal truths."

~Katie Grace, W. Lafayette, IN​

Ginger Lily:    Perfumed Articulation
Vibrational Flower Essence
Hedychium coccineum 'Gardnerianum'Ginger Lily supports a full-frequency articulation process. Ginger Lily promotes the contemporary expression of ancient, esoteric knowledge. This expression is an inspiring invitation to beauty rather than just a transfer of information. The essence helps us feel our soul's pressing desire to communicate as a gentle, firm force stirring within us. As we hold this swelling energy, speech can take many forms: a quiet potent presence, stunning beauty, or a child's candid insights. Rooted in an articulate body-soul, all movement, art, and music becomes perfumed wisdom, nourishing the hearts of any audience.

What is a Floralia session?

Floralia is a festival in Italy that celebrates flora and fauna.  Imagine, a festival for flowers! I would like to hold this space, in celebrating you expressing your hearts desire in your own unique way.

It is the essence that is between a prayer and a spell. I give you my laser focused attention, as you share your vision, from smallest to biggest (does not need to be business). I help you distill this into a fragrance, as in an energetic signature, a la the law of attraction, so you can radiate your unique perfume, effortlessly like a flower would. We will move some boulders. I call this vision fitness.

This does not take very long.  You can book 15 min or 30 min. Please prepare a list of your visions and wishes and it is uber impactful when speaking this around the new moon.

I am here for you, please don't hesitate to reach out, especially about heart matters.

I am set up for Zoom, Skype and conference call and you will receive the recording upon request via conference call.  Zoom is fun if we want to see eachother.  Please specify in scheduling contact preference. To schedule, click image below. I look forward to connecting!

~Anything can happen~