Grace Flower Spirits
Hawaiian Vibrational Flower Essences

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Ginger White Flower

Ginger Lily


Hibiscus Red

Hibiscus Pink


Lilikoi, Passionflower



Ohi’a Lehua

Palm Tree

Papaya Blossom


Pele Rebirth

Plumeria Pink

Plumeria White

Plumeria Moonlit

​Salt of the Earth



Ti Plant/Eclipse

Water Lily Purple

Wild Bamboo Orchid, Full Moon

by GypsyRoseChariot, Kaimu, Hawai’i

Allamanda (Allamanda cathartica)

- Inner Strength This elixir can provide inner confidence and strength for people to face change in their lives. This also may give added strength for those with decreased physical energy. Allamanda will also assist those who wish to start channeling energy through their bodies for healing others.

Bamboo Orchid:

Evolves your capacity for loving relationships, both personal and universal. Frees your sexual/relational

life from cultural conditioning or wounds from the past. Allows you to show up and be seen and valued for who you truly are.


Grace and Beauty This elixir will provide a deeper appreciation of grace and beauty. This can be particularly helpful for music and sound in any form, including sound healing. It has an ability to release certain emotions that are held in a state of difficulty in the emotional body. These can be from childhood or past lives and are usually noted by sadness.


Trust in vulnerability

Fern fronds unfold opening out and up, exposing the soft stem, ‘belly-up’. This essence invites safety and trust when vulnerable; so we can accept feeling more exposed when revealing our softer, more tender parts of being. When we rely on external support and affirmation we become selective in what we choose to reveal of self. Agitation often arises when we feel vulnerable.  Heart of fern reminds us that there are Absolute things we can trust – when all else falls away, we can still trust them. We can trust the true nature of our being and of all reality even if there are many aspects we may dislike or fear. Our day to day perception is very limited. Heart of Fern invites us to Rest in this trust: like being held in great warm hands, feeling safe enough to simply rest and be held. Even when experiencing all as chaos, fear or panic we can still sit in trust and feel held, unconditionally.

Heart of Fern also provides support for spinal and heart issues.

“Fern essences enable us to restore our natural sense of equilibrium” which is what we lose when we are traumatised. Fern clears the energetic imprints of trauma from all seven layers of our auric field.

Fern helps to consciously clear your own sacred space/energy field

Gardenia: white
- Compassion Emotional shift due to accepting one’s consciousness in a new way. Greater attunement to knowledge received in the recent past. Excellent for student/teacher relationships. Creates a sense of peace, caring, and compassion.

Ginger: (White Hawaiian flowers, Moon essence)

 Self Worth

With ginger elixir comes the greater possibility of the dissolution of the ego. There can be enhanced ability of the ego to shift, to change into what ultimately can best be utilized by an individual. Buried emotions will come to the surface to be worked with easily. Ginger essence allows people to better understand the appropriate use of their own talents, and it is good for artists needing inspiration or new ideas. Self-worth is greatly increased, even a sense of the worthiness of humanity.

Ginger Lily:    Perfumed Articulation

Hedychium coccineum 'Gardnerianum'

Ginger Lily supports a full-frequency articulation process. Ginger Lily promotes the contemporary expression of ancient, esoteric knowledge. This expression is an inspiring invitation to beauty rather than just a transfer of information. The essence helps us feel our soul's pressing desire to communicate as a gentle, firm force stirring within us. As we hold this swelling energy, speech can take many forms: a quiet potent presence, stunning beauty, or a child's candid insights. Rooted in an articulate body-soul, all movement, art, and music becomes perfumed wisdom, nourishing the hearts of any audience.

Heliconia (H. flava) orange


Creates energy spirals which may influence left and right balance of the subtle bodies. The brain and the spine are positively influenced. Helps in gathering ideas, putting them into form, accepting the results, and making changes as needed. Strengthens 10th, 11th, and 12th chakras.

It will show you if  the choices you are about to make are for your highest good.
It restores  mental fragmented distortions on a cellular level by sealing the auric . It helps you be   clear  and discerning in your choices. Does this situation serve my highest good or set me back? It runs a scan for you like feeling antennas till a  harmonizing match is found giving you the  answer from the heart.

Numbness. When not letting go because you must or feel you have no choice instead of because you wanting to.

(via Annemarie Minke)

Hibiscus (H. Moscheutos)

 Female Sexuality

It is useful for women in order to free any blockages in sexual energy. Heart and sexual chakras are activated.

This essence assists in the ability to leave behind layers of vulnerability and fragility that being in physicality have created through the many experiences of your life's journeys, including those of past generations.

The body tends to carry these layers like cloaks wrapped around it from lifetime to lifetime. They remain stored within the DNA, cellular structures and auras. These underlying emotions can lie beneath the surface of the unconscious and may influence our lives in many areas such as with relationships and self-worth challenges. They can emerge unexpectedly in situations where you experience feeling vulnerable or fragile, and where you do not understand the full extent or cause of why you feel the way you do.

The Hibiscus essence has the ability to assist in propelling you out of being stuck in concepts of the pain and suffering of humanity, allowing you to lighten up and experience more joy and laughter. The positive outcome then is that you can realise that what is left are feelings of blissful inner peace as you awaken to the unity of all Beings, Life Forms and all of creation.

Lantana (Lantana Camara)


May enhance one’s physical sensitivity, particularly in the fingers and toes. There is a greater sensitivity to aetheric energy in these areas. This can be useful to artists, designers, engineers, and others who do manual precision work. There is also a greater attunement to energy interactions that take place on a very small level. This flower will assist interrelationship and communication with children, particularly those who are outside one’s family. Can be useful to take for those programming quartz crystals.

For holding the vision of unity; strengthens leadership abilities.

LANTANA camara:

Green/gold/cream foliage, circles of pink flowers around a circle of pale yellow flowers, all with bright yellow/gold centers.

The energy level is gently but inexorably lifted by octaves inside the mind. The light pressure quotient that we have inside our beings allows our thinking process to be less separate; the more pressure, the further we go outside of ourselves, the less we feel separate. The more enlightened we become, the bigger we are. The bigger we are, the more intensity or pressure we can put on each cell for change. This change is the way that we switch vibrational levels. This essence first helps gear our minds up to switch minor frequencies within vibrations, which is how we communicate with various people (each has a slightly different frequency—you can say the same thought to three different people and you have to nudge the frequency slightly for each one, so that they will understand what you are talking about). That's the 3-4-D part of this plant. The 5th-12th-D part of this plant is that it changes octaves of brain frequencies, so that we can communicate, as we increase the pressure in our brain, with all beings of all dimensions (at some future time).

Lilikoi/Passion Flower

Christ Consciousness

Creates equanimity in highly charged charismatic states. One becomes stabilized and has easier access to higher levels of consciousness without becoming nervous or jittery. Although it works mainly on the etheric level, it has a profound spiritual effect on people.

Spiritual Body Benefits:

·      Abundance Flows with Appreciation in Perfect Harmony.

 Opens You to Exceptional Appreciation for Abundance in All Forms.

·      Resonates with the Vibrational Energy of Abundance.

·      Raises your vibrational frequency matching you to the abundance of your heart’s desires.

Emotional Body Benefits shifts from:

·      Anxiety about abundances finances, money and prosperity to Calmness.

·      Feelings of lack, limitations and hopelessness to Empowerment.

·      Scarcity consciousness around feelings of lack about self and wealth to Expansive Abundance.

·      Taking things for granted to feelings of Appreciation about present circumstances of abundance.

·      Fears based on past and future to Present Moment Well-being and Appreciation.

Mental Body Benefits:

·      Helps ‘re-view’ sources of scarcity consciousness picked up from society, learned beliefs and global energies.

·      Brings awareness of patterns of repetitive thoughts around scarcity, limitations, lack, poverty and its related fears.

·      Invites new thought consideration relative to hoarding, addiction acquiring material possessions, creation of clutter, to prevent recurring underlying feelings of scarcity and lack.

Physical Body Benefits:

Since the physical body displays symptoms of emotional and mental beliefs and patterns as disorders, the use of “Naupaka’s Abundance” assists with ailments and illnesses relative to patterns held in the mental and emotional realms listed. Symptoms identifying themselves in the body as ‘dis-ease’ based on issues of the mental and emotional levels listed above, will be addressed as inner shifts on the emotional and mental levels are balanced.

Physical Benefits include clearing symptoms based false beliefs that manifest in the physical body:

·      Pushing the body beyond its healthy limits

·      Over-exertion

·      Damaged ligaments and tissues

·      ‘Thin skin’ injuries

·      Addiction to pharmaceutical medications

·      Addictions to alcohol, drugs and foods


Potentizes your will, motivation, and desire to be well. Stimulates awareness and understanding of the underlying causes of disease and disharmony. Brings acceptance of yourself and compassion for your healing journey.

Ohi’a Lehua:


Can assist one in the attunement to the Earth, and especially to the thought forms of plants and animals. It will stimulate the ability of remote viewing, which is essential for deep contact with many animals. This elixir will stimulate the inner animal nature in people at the highest reality levels. Can be useful for animals shifting to a more vegetarian diet.

Orchid (Cattleya Trianaei)

Dream Clarification

Aids in assimilating information received from dreams that may be confusing and from astral projection. Excellent for channelers. Balances emotional, mental, and causal bodies. Helpful for people out of touch with, depressed about, or lacking confidence with artistic expression.

Palm Tree - The Uplifter

This tree essence, of a huge, vibrant palm tree, is for invoking “healers' hands” energy. 

In many cultures, the laying on of hands is used as a powerful healing therapy, and this essence channels this healing energy from the tribal consciousness to wherever it is most needed by the recipient, as a catalyst for healing, kind of like an “extra pair of healing hands” 
“I now tap into this universal healing energy of the healers hands.” 

Coconut presents us with the example of a strong, steady energy. It vibrationally speaks of living fully in the moment, being willing to take risks, and doing what we know to be the right thing, whether it "feels" good or not. The reward for our "stick-to-it-iveness" is upliftment in which, by our efforts, we are raised to a higher level of awareness. Coconut's message is to honor that "divinity which stirs within us."
​(via Flower Essence Magazine)

Papaya Blossom:

  Helps to gently release past mistakes.

Letting go opens new doors to your good. Positive influence: Develops a new calmness, spiritual wisdom, clarity of thought and confidence for decision making and problem solving; improving attitudes and patience towards others points of view, realising there are many ways to the top of a mountain, but when you get there the view is always the same.

Affirmation: I am open and creative.

Papaya has very different male and female blossoms. Our Papaya Essence includes energies from both male and female. This allows the Essence to do its work of helping us resolve concerns, crises or a lack of clarity around sexuality and sexual differentiation.

-Supports a sense of connection to the gender and sexual identity each of us chose for this lifetime.

-When a couple works simultaneously with Papaya it will help improve their connection with each other.

-Improves our sense of touch.

Papyrus (Cyperus Papyrus)


Use when flexibility is needed in pursuit of higher goals. Negotiation skills are sharpened. All communication skills improve. Good for leaders. The plant was used in ancient Egypt for writing communications.

Pele Rebirth Magic Potion
Blend made in May 2018 as the lava was covering Puna of white and pink plumeria, red hibiscus, Hawaiian jungle gardenia, ghost peppers, rooster energy medicine.  Read up on individual essences. In a nutshell:
When you need to navigate change gracefully & skillfully, catharsis, be the eye of the storm. Rebirth, strength and pride to be the witness, pioneer and hero of your new dawn. Full worthiness of self expression. 

Plumeria: pink, moon essence

Helps you recognize the need for pleasure as an essential daily nutrient in your life. Gives you permission to enjoy healthy forms of pleasure, which nourish and enliven you. An antidote to over-seriousness, brings a lighthearted, playful outlook on life.

Plumeria: White

Confidence in choosing new goals and directions

Balanced head and heart decision-making

Brings people into a deep awareness of their roots, connection to the human family, and attunement to one's ancestors. Aids in commitment to creating new communities. Useful in group meditation across great distances, e.g., world peace meditations

Salt of the Earth blend
A blend of Wild purple violets, white palm tree blossoms, wild ageratum purple pom-pom blossoms, o'hia Lehua


Wild violet
clears congestion, making peace with past and regrets . Clears heart and throat chakras, dispels long held grief, assists in breathing in sunshine and acceptance, knowing your path is perfect,releasing grief. (via Patrice Green)

don’t worry, be happy = as a moral, freedom to love, grounding qualities of soul into everyday consciousness

uplifter, solution oriented, living highest potential, strong, steady, endurance, perseverance, willing, patient, expansive.  Being a hands on healer

Wouldn’t it be cool if all muppets and the puppets of Sesame Street thought you were their best friend and made you feel like that? Wouldn’t that be cozy and special? Good medicine for comfort, safety and being seen. Tight knit.  Scruffy, fun with flare.  Accepting authenticity and your true Values. All the way.

Value your inner needs and earth will provide a safe haven. (via Annemarie Minke)

Smartweed: Pink

Knotweed is not a weed. It is Smartweed and has almost Royal status. It is helping you bridge the gap of turning your vulnerability into your strengths.  All your dark places are turning to light and
no one can hurt you. Your inside is on the outside. Your radiance is healing. You have been through hell and back and you are unscathed from your immense commitment, perseverance and compassion. You courted suffering until you could no more. You are unapologetically in your true nature. Your victory and presence beams constant in the lava desert between two mighty giants, decorating the solar plexus. Total letting go of disempowerment, It's the grace of power  enduring, un-taintable, heart healing.

Embodied empowerment. Heart courage personified.

Ti Plant/Eclipse: Clears the Path to Power

The Latin name of this plant illuminates the use of Ti plant flower essence. Cordyline Terminalis, cord line termination, this is the primary function of the Ti plant flower essence, to cut cords. The ancient Hawaiians knew a lot about energetic cords which are  termed aka cords. They say when you think of something you send out an aka cord to that object, place or person. From this perspective we can see that it is easy to  have many cords going out and coming towards us from different directions. This makes energetic hygiene important to the health of the mind and emotions.
The Ti plant flower essence carries a strong quality of light into the entire system. This high frequency of light helps it clear negative attachments and entities from the energy field. This is a powerful signature of the Ti plant flower essence.
 ”Clears the Path to Power”
 The phrase “Clears the Path to Power” properly sums up the action of this essence. This amazing essence also helps  clear anxiety and fear with unexplained origins. The Ti plant flower essence is a wonderful space clearing essence and has many useful applications for removing unwanted energy.
The Ti plant flower essence is also found in our effective Space Clearing Spray. The Space Clearing Spray is designed to clear darkened, dense, ungrounded energies and usher in a clear uplifting bright energy. It will clear negative psychic energy and related energetic imbalances. 

(via Essence Alchemy)

Water Lily, Purple  

 Spiritual Perseverance

Can increase one’s underlying ability to love unconsciously and universally. Can also be used by those approaching difficult spiritual change in their life. Can create a deeper understanding and acceptance of spirituality as it is expressed in many different forms within the universe. The etheric, astral, and Buddhic bodies are all strengthened.

Helps you know when it is time to expand, grow, take in new experiences, and when you need to rest, digest, integrate and embody.

Similar to the Lotus, the Purple Water Lily flower essence gently assists in the process of spiritual rebirth. Having a profound effect on the crown and brow chakras, the flower remedy assists with opening channels of communication with one’s higher self, as well as with vast, unseen worlds by enabling the human body to absorb higher light frequencies.

The Water Lily nymph, Weaves a purple web of light.

She lifts the veil of heaven, Offering vision and sight.

Wild Orchid, purple:

A doorway in. Accessing great depths within. Good for those who find it difficult to turn their focus inward, this essence draws the attention away from external distractions, towards profound inner spaces.

Vibrational Essences feel like a Hawaiian Vacation:

Returns you to a place of inner peace, allowing you to surrender the habit of perpetual motion and recognize when you are becoming depleted. Promotes feeling safe enough to slow down and get the rest you need and deserve.

Instructions from Mama tincture to stock bottle:

Use 1 oz colored glass bottle.  Add 1 tb spoon of brandy or vodka, fill with spring water, add 7 drops of mama tincture, close & shake.

Instructions to take

: 2 drops of stock under tongue or in water 2-3x day.  You cannot overdose on flower essences, yet more is not better.  Also may be applied to skin, bath water and facial mists.