A human being is not a frozen sculpture, but a river of energy and information that perpetually renews itself.  ~Deepak Chopra

What is a GypsyRoseChariot?

She is a visionary and master of recognizing illusion. She reminds us of our ability to tap into unseen worlds and that we are connected to something beyond just ourselves. At the same time she is light, youthful, and playful. In fact, she's a bit of a trickster. She does this to show us that being deeply connected to our spiritual essence does not need to make us heavy or serious.

Gypsyrosechariot is my own blend of archetype I have created.  An inspired, empowered, courageous mythical character akin to a unicorn or mermaid.  With Superman sprinkles, cowboy myth, rainbows and Sex in the City talk.  It is the Chariot in the tarot, finding and standing grounded, firm in your own warrior, with your sights on your goal with clarity and the strength and harmony to get you there victoriously. 

 It is the rose of your heart, uncovering and discovering your unique splendid scent and creating the safety and courage to let it bloom.   It is alchemy with our history and our today.  It is alchemy with science and fiction.  It is the pioneer and explorer or the hero’s journey, trying and risking it all.  It is creating our dreams practically and magically.  Life is the paradox, so the Gypsyrosechariot is all about the confident embrace. 

 I will be your greatest ally in steering you into new territory.  I am here as a portal and a muse to co-create  the new earth.  I hold this space to witness miracles and help you catalyze your wildest dreams to embody your own Gypsyrosechariot.

​Art by Barry Wilkinson, Barrywilkinson747@yahoo.com