I searched high and low to alleviate my feelings of unworthiness and abandonment after having experienced much loss before the age of six.  I grew up on the North Shore of Oahu in the early 70's with a self-proclaimed guru who psychologically abused me for years, fled the island, when my mother was framed and went to prison for several years.  In an in-home invasion, armed men told me they were there to kill my father, as I let them into our home.

Since they informed me, this was happening in my nervous system and my imagination as I hid in the bedroom.  I decided I would never leave that room, since now I had lost both of my parents.  I was five years old.  They worked it out safely, yet the damage was done, and at six and a half my mother was released to be deported back to Germany with me in tow.  From a beach community to the cold of winter in a foreign country with a strange woman, I was shell shocked. I grew up in the presence of addiction and left home at 16 amongst a lot of adversity.  I recreated cycles of loss, betrayal and alienation.  This discomfort caused me to seek out alternative ways to make sense of life, all around the world, and through a lot of trial and error, I have assembled a toolbox of wisdom to share.

  Having grown up internationally, I relate to and empathize with all walks of life. With the use of Emotional Freedom Technique I have helped heal trauma of all kinds: birth, shock, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse, PTSD, loss, grief and anxiety.  Even lighter things, such as skin conditions, caffeine addiction, public speaking and stage fright I have facilitated clearing with this magical tool.  It is virtually unlimited what you can tap on.  

   I bring a compassionate, yet direct style to this method. Having been a professional nanny to the stars, a successful model, Realtor and project manager in home renovations, I know what it is like to take charge of one's closest and most precious possessions. There is a lot of trust involved and high emotions running in all of those areas of people's lives.  Those experiences, combined with 25 years of psychodrama training, hypnotherapy, energy work, Chinese energetics, reiki II, ecstatic dance, yoga and meditation have allowed me to have empathetic insight into the psychology of human nature.
What continues to motivate and inspire me is the possibility of transformation through empowerment, self-expression, communion and celebration, allowing for a truly magical life.  As an introspective risk-taker, I am still trying new things every day, alongside my twin flame on the Big Island of Hawaii.


 Sonya Sophia School of Living Arts, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Cert I EFT
Unified Yoga Teacher
Rose Yoga Personal Development Coach
Reiki II

Dance Facilitator
Studied with Shaman and healers around the world

Workshop Leader
Event & Retreat Curator 

​Ordained Minister Universal Life Church Monastery

How may I serve you?

Aloha, Veruschka
Mystic Mermaid Cowboy and Gypsy Rose Chariot

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“Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded.  It's a relationship between equals.  Only when we know our own darkness well
can we be present with the darkness of others.  Compassion becomes real
when we recognize our shared humanity...” 

 ~Pema Chödrön~​​


 “I was a skeptic, that was my starting point, but your grace, empathy and knowledge of the healing modality you have chosen worked in spite of my initial disbelief.  Thank you most sincerely"   

~Joan Burks, Eureka,CA


My greatest embodied mentors: My grandmother Anuschka, Bohemian by birth

and Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Fire