Michelle Rose, Sidney, Australia, video testimonial

“I have had a problem with intense anxiety while driving for the past 15 years.  I had to start riding in the back seat with my eyes closed while my husband drove so I wouldn’t panic. My first session with Veruschka brought up things from long ago that I would not have connected to my current fears.  I let go of a lot of stored emotions that I didn't know existed.  I was very surprised that when I tried riding in the front seat it was not uncomfortable. Veruschka is such a caring and intuitive person.  She gently guides you to bring those painful emotions to the surface for release. It has made a tremendous difference in my life, I drive in the front seat now and my husband can't believe it.”

  ~Dianna, Austin,TX

 “I felt like I had been living though a personal F4 hurricane.  There is a decided quantum healing aspect to the work I did with Veruschka that transcends space and time which is amazing.  I gained important insights into events and life circumstances that released a lot of the pain and set me on the course of repair.  She takes no short cuts and embodies the highest intent that EFT has to offer.” 

~Celeste, TX

On Group Facilitation
I've done a lot of work over the years and Veruschka's group EFT session was extraordinary! From it, I felt such love and connectivity, both to my own soul and to the others in the group. Veruschka has a way of putting almost everyone in her presence into heart-opening ease. When she's around, everyone seems to naturally love each other more, connect more, be more vulnerable, have more fun — even life itself seems to be more fun! I know that sounds impossible, but I, swear, I witnessed it. I had the opportunity to be around Veruschka for a 3-month period and watched all these people drop into a deep "belonging" with each other, due to her. It seemed to be just HER and what she brings to any situation. I don't want to build her up.. that can be counterproductive if you're expecting something crazy. Besides, the best stuff is subtle. You want to work with somebody real without any airs, or any of the junk, work with V. She's the real deal.

~Lauren Forcella, Founder, Straight Talk Advice


"For years I suffered from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   I had personally witnessed two very traumatic events, September 11th in New York City and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  I practically lost everything in my life twice and had been holding on to this shock and anger for years.  So after years of suffering through a roller coaster of mood swings wrought with anger, despair, shock and severe depression....I was ready to find a way to release these horrible experiences and find a way to learn and heal from them.   I tried "normal" therapy and found that I left the therapist's office over analyzing and feeling worse than when I arrived.  I tried a number of medications which only suppressed the feelings and eventually would lead to severe panic attacks.    I met Veruschka Normandeau a little over a year ago.   EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) was a new word to me then.   After speaking to Veruschka off and on for over a year about having an EFT healing session with her, I finally decided to give it a try.    I was astonished at how simply amazing this healing session was.   I had never felt such a release!    I cried and cried and really got so much out into the open...even emotions that I didn't think I was hanging on to.   I left feeling like a new person.   I literally felt lighter and filled with an overwhelming sense of love, understanding and forgiveness. 

 I highly recommend Veruschka and EFT for anyone who really wants true healing.   Its effects have been amazing in my life.    I am able to focus more and breeze through my day with less distractive thoughts, more energy and a greater appreciation for all of the different aspects of life.   I feel so blessed to have met her and been able to finally find what truly, truly works and has set me free."  

    ~Joanna Garza, Austin 

Update:  I am happy to report that Joanna went from being a designer and aesthetician to a full time reiki master energy worker, life coach and working on two books.  The last text I received read:

"You will never know how much you changed my life, I can never thank you enough"

​ ~ she had 1  EFT session.


From Birth Trauma Release Workshops:
"Thank you SO much for the EFT Birth Trauma class! I knew during the session that it was going to have an impact on me, but didn't have any idea how much energy it would free up inside me! I feel so much more vibrant, happy, and most of all, lighter. It feels like the weight of the guilt I was holding from my conception and birth has lifted! The last couple of days I've been doing so much dancing, and feeling so much more at ease with my sensuality and fluidity. Big breakthrough.
It was really a blessing to meet you,"

~Megan Morris, Los Angeles, CA

"During the session I cried a lot. I’d hoped it would move through fast, but there were so many issues attached to this root cause that I found myself bringing up more and more in the process. I found it difficult to forgive myself and especially my mother and father. I suffered so much in my childhood and early adulthood from these experiences that I didn’t feel it possible to find forgiveness. I’d not expected that since I’ve worked so hard psychologically over the years through the healing process that I still had so much deep inside me.

 I feel free today. It feels good. I’m ready to live MY life now – the life that has awaited me all these years. I am sure that the work will continue to a certain degree, but I know it will be easier now – the hard part in facing it and releasing it is done."

 ~Anna, Workshop participant, HI

"At the Birth Trauma Release workshop I experienced the trauma of going back into the sterile hospital of my birth, where I felt isolated and abandoned.  This experience helped me to understand why I have often felt alone and abandoned in my life.  Since then I have felt more connected to myself, my family and the world."

~Silke Korfmacher, HI

"Thank you for allowing me to have some core recognition about a major pattern in my life.  I really got to see that I always felt like a train wreck waiting to happen.  Then I remembered the story, that when my mother was in labor, my parents got stuck at a railroad crossing.  This sense of waiting made me feel like my time was always off and no matter what I wanted to do, I would be held back or get stopped.  This block has been relieved and now I feel I can finally move forward."

~Michon Olson, RMT, HI

"By sharing my story and hearing the stories of all the participants I was able to uncover feelings I knew I had but didn't necessarily know why. The biggest realization I had was discovering how so many of us weren't really planned or sometimes even desired at the time of conception. This realization helped me release feelings such as pain from not being wanted, disappointment and the need for love and acceptance. I also am sure that if I'm ever to be a mother, I'll be a more aware and responsible one starting from conception.
The re-birth EFT circle is an experience I think everyone should have in order to understand who they are and who they can become." 

~Nanda, Yoga Instructor, HI

On creative blocks:

  " When I had gone on a personal journey with my autistic son to Mongolia and wanted to write an account of our adventure "The
Horseboy", I wanted to be true to the story and my experience. I carried many worries and doubts about how I would relate this information in a book to inspire hope in others.  Veruschka helped me with EFT in one session, I was less distracted from my old fears from childhood of unworthiness, and I could access the heart of the story and convey it more directly."

~Rupert Isaacson, Author, "The Horse Boy", Austin, TX

On tapping circles:

I have never felt this good in my entire life!  I feel so free!
~ Paula Fracasso, Austin, TX

"Veruschka is incredibly intuitive and empathic. During her EFT circles it is clear she is present to everyone in the rooms individual experience. She some how knows the exact magic words to heal. When I have been in the deepest struggle with myself, life, and the world, Veruschka has been a voice of the divine asking what else is possible? She is a stand for miracles in the face of everything going wrong."

~Lillian Moore EFT- Adv, Austin, TX

Just wanted to let you know that the process you shared with us was really helpful, and you're quite an effective leader, too! Thank you for the work.

~Salina Rain, Arcata, CA

Every time I do EFT, my life changes - for the better.

~Sarah Lee, Arcata, CA

On physical healing:

"EFT changed my life.  I found an easy way of coming closer to myself for self-healing and self-love.  A cyst I have had for two years disappeared in the first EFT healing circle I attended!"

~Silke Korfmacher, Hilo, HI

On life transitions:

"I met Veruschka Normandeau at the end of August, 2006, one year after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  My husband, Mark, and I were relocating to Austin because of the aftermath of the storm, and Veruschka was referred to us as a realtor.  She became so much more, as our lives in Austin unfolded.
  On October 12th, 2007, my best friend and life partner, my husband going on 17 years and the most important person in my life, was suddenly diagnosed with metastatic ocular melanoma to his liver.  His oncologist called Mark “a 56-year-old man in otherwise perfect health.”  Mark passed away on December 29th, 2007, and Veruschka was present, having rolled up her sleeves along with Mark’s family to help him through that last day of his dying process.
  Veruschka had become a friend by then, but during Mark’s process of transformation, she was someone he completely trusted and relied upon, an advisor, teacher, and guide. They had tapping sessions on a regular basis that were profound for him, where he was able to access his stuck places, those places where he was afraid to let go and let God –he would look forward to Veruschka coming over for a tapping session because he understood the value of releasing buried emotions. Mark was a private person, not easily willing to reveal his innermost fears or vulnerabilities.  With Veruschka, he felt the safety he needed to be forthcoming and he trusted her implicitly.    The last session was just a few days prior to his dying, and I recall watching him lying on our living room rug, Veruschka sitting next to him and guiding him through his tapping session.     
  To say that our lives were turned upside down when we received the news in October is more than an understatement.  It was a gut-wrenching experience of the deepest magnitude that whirled us into an unbelievable situation, inadvertently provoking a deep degree of denial on our part because it was inconceivable that this was happening to Mark, to us.  Facing all the obstacles, what route to take,praying for a miracle, the confusion of how/why, finding the worthiness of a miracle - all of this confronts you dead-on in such a diagnosis.  EFT was a saving grace, a tool, to sort out all of the emotions and fears along the way.
  Mark never gave up and made a commitment to his healing process until the very end. I will be forever indebted to Veruschka, as was Mark during this most terrifying yet profoundly spiritual journey of his."   

~Diana Nadas Roloff, New Orleans

On Lyme Disease:
Every once in rare while, I am truly lucky to cross paths with a true & gifted healer. Veruschka Normandeau is such a person. She uses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as her chosen medium for healing work.  I worked one on one with Veruschka for several months and actualized some deep healing at a time in my life that this was most needed! I had been buried under and series of unfortunate events that had caused me to become lost and more than a bit broken.  Over the course of 3 years I had been drained taking care of a sick and elderly parent and was a parent to a small child. I worked for two bosses back to back that had some serious and unfortunate mental health issues that were just not enjoyable on any level. We lost our home & most its contents during a lightning storm then went on to contract Lyme disease while taking some time out in the Adirondacks trying to regroup from it all! It had been like living through a personal F4 hurricane; there just wasn’t much left.  
  Through EFT, I was able to reconnect to some of the missing pieces and begin the rebuilding and healing process. Veruschka was there with a steadying influence providing the “you can get through this and be better than before” and the faith that “you just don’t have to stay stuck here” perspective. There is a decided quantum healing aspect to the work that I did with Veruschka that transcends space and time which is amazing! I gained some important insights into events and life circumstances that released a lot of the pain and set me on the course of repair. The thing that I most appreciate about Veruschka is her commitment to the craft and her respect for the EFT process and the research that Gary Craig put into developing this healing process.  She takes no short cuts and embodies the highest intent that EFT has to offer. There is a beautiful light that shines through her being.

~Celeste, Austin, TX

~Changing your mind in your body~