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"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen."
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross​


For more info on the power of Emotional Freedom Technique:

Why is this important?

As I remember my grandmother's passing, who had her womb removed, along with pervasive cancer touching most of her organs and intestines, I continue to be motivated and inspired to host this Oh-so helpful and transformational series of womb healing on personal and ancestral levels. I know for a fact that it does not have to be this way.

Why do I choose to lead such a program?
Because at my tender, post-child bearing age, I have received 3 confirming testimonials for myself this summer:

1) I had blood work both in January and in July and in both my thyroid and hormones et al came back fully balanced after 10 years of not being to the doctor. 
2) I just had my first mamogram and womb-area ultra sound and I am completely healthy
3) I had a reading with a medical intuitive and she was surprised to read that all of my chakras were flowing in harmony. Even my first and second ones, so she seemed impressed - "You must be doing good emotional work" -

This was really rather confirming and rewarding to know that my diligence and process has paid off. At my age, I am still regular, without any menstrual cramps  and I am entirely pain free in my body, after a life long of lower back problems and chronic pain in my neck, hips, arms and joints. I want this for every woman, to be comfortable and feel free in her body and sexuality.  Women who have sat in circle with me have reported started menstruating again after 6 years and after 1 year of cessation, within a week to a month post tapping. 

I will be holding a healing space, along with astrologer and high priestess Thea Wirshing and we will be closing the journey with a women's rite of passage ceremony and a collective offering to Pele here on the Big Island on behalf of you.

You do not need to be in the same time zone to participate. 


"You have helped uncover things my therapist hasn't been able to touch. Can I let myself be truly loved, seen, and valued by an amazing man? I believe the work was pivotal, as it opened me up to self fogiveness and self respect."
~Randi Yael, Santa Fe

" Firstly, I have never felt freer in myself, loved myself more and been more content with who I am as I have done after July. I have completely opened up also to others and not just to my new love. I feel closer to people in general. All relationships are well and thriving."
~Kaisa, Scotland

​"Veruschka has helped me unlock and release confusion and deeply embedded blockages within my body through her transformative EFT calls. I've never worked with such a potent and honest healer. I'm so blessed, and elated that I get to participate in her workshops. She is a teacher, a wayshower. With her guidance you can absolutely create the life you want. Veruschka is my genie in a bottle! She provides a safe and loving space in which to shed old layers and reveal your personal truths."
~Katie Grace, W. Lafayette, IN

​"Veruschka has a gift I have been blessed to experience. She's my favorite EFT practitioner to date!! And brings to it so much more richness, depth and power for transformation with love, gentleness and grace!"

~Tarika Presence Brandt, Los Angeles, CA

"Veruschka, this has been life giving AND life changing!"
-Meg, New York​

~May your secrets become your healing~

x x x


Aloha, I am Veruschka and delighted to share this journey with you. I am inviting you to a self loving, body positive space where we bring the grace of the Goddess back to the midheaven and help the divine masculine to rise, within and without.  I am an original Gary Craig Cert 1 Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, a graduate from the Sonya Sophia School of Living Arts, yoga teacher and Rose Yoga Personal Development mindset coach, aka "Heart Opener".  As an energy medicinista, I have brought the shortest cuts to our mind-body connection with my own style of personal and collective clearing, that I call Rose Yoga Tapping - focused on heart courage AND YOUR EMPOWERMENT.

  I love uniting with other rainbow warriors and have been honored to serve with this work since 2007.

Always best Aloha!

Here is an example of my work, how to clear triggers and accepting your duality, click image below for a quickie tapping sessions:​

 Yoni Health & Awakening Womb

A 6 week Online psycho-spiritual journey

to heal the fibers of your pain from your womb & yoni
Intimate focus on women's health  with astro guidance

Enter the virtual Tapping Tipi~
A supportive, healing and safe online container to transform all things yoni

Let's sit.  Together.  With our virtual butts on the earth.  And talk story.

​Your biology is your biography, so our goal is to access the generations of genetic trash and move the emotional signature of fear, grief and shame that has been passed on and that you have recreated based on your vibration. We will consciously co-create a portal together to bring our body and minds into the present moment with authenticity, integrity and intimacy. This is about unfolding your heart in a safe, CONFIDENTIAL, compassionate space and reclaiming your health, vibrancy, confidence and pleasure!

​Moving from the bottom up, we will restore, reclaim and rebirth any wounds, stories and beliefs we have taken on and stored in our yonis and wombs, before we can move into clearing our hearts and minds to manifest what we are worthy of. 

- balancing PMS
-clearing STD's
-healing heartaches from abortions & miscarriages
-birth trauma
-releasing grief from sexual abuse & violation
-releasing shame of trading sex for love
-rites of passage from when we first started our moon
-increasing sexual pleasure

Potential side-effects reported by myself and other participants:
-complete cessation of menstrual cramps
-disappearance of cysts
-loss of vaginal sensitivity/discomfort, chronic yeast infections
-release of sexual trauma and shame
-more confidence in ones own skin, ie yay for nudity!
-more pleasure capacity
-less unworthiness and shame
-hormonal balancing
-reclaiming your femininity 


Thea Wirsching is an evolutionary astrologer based in Long Beach, California.  She has a PhD in English from the University of California, where she focused her studies on the esoteric history of America.  Much of that research appears in the Tarot deck she is currently having illustrated, The American Renaissance Tarot [link to site here].  She finds her greatest joy in liberating her clients from the pain of past karma by unearthing the past-life story in the birth chart.  Thea believes evolution happens when we push past the comfort zone of our limiting beliefs to embrace the soul purpose as it is laid out in the natal chart.  She is passionate about awakening others to knowledge of the planet Ceres, which she understands to be the astrological ruler of food, daily ritual, plant medicine, and personal divinity.  When she’s not working as an astrological counselor, she’s busy trying to keep up with her three-year-old son, Jaspar.       


I am so excited that Veruschka has invited me to participate in the Yoni and Womb healing journey she is leading, starting in October.  I have a long history of consciousness-raising and self-healing in women’s issues, beginning with the Riot Grrrl meetings I led at the age of 16!  These were essentially gatherings of young women like myself who rejected the media-driven image of female beauty and advocated body positivity.  That movement introduced me to books like Inge Muscio’s Cunt, a manifesto that recasts the Yoni as powerful and fecund.  Years later I was asked to help create an immersive Yoni healing intensive on Big Island, which included both a volcano walk and ceremony in Pele’s sacred Yoni cave.  Through these and many other experiences I have learned to understand and honor my body’s rhythms, and heal a number of conditions that used to cause me chronic pain.  

I will be leading two of the six weekly sessions, one focused on Venus, and one on the Moon.  As the central astrological archetypes denoting “women,” understanding the way these two celestial bodies function in your natal chart can help foster the mind-body connection to healing.  The planetary energy of Venus has been closely tied to the Yoni since ancient times, a history we see in words like “venereal.”  A fifth-house Venus in Aries behaves very differently than a twelfth-house Venus in Cancer, and I will take you through the manifestations of Venus through each of the twelve signs.  The Moon’s effect on the tides as well as the way its phases align with women’s menstrual cycles give it a natural rulership over the “womb” or uterus.  The Moon in your chart can help put you in touch with your personal rhythms, as well as what type of emotional weight you are likely to carry in your womb.  As I go over the Moon through the twelve signs, you will also learn about how to use your Moon energy to mother your creations into being.  

I look forward to leading these astrological intensives, as well as facilitating discussion of your responses to this powerful work!


“I was stunned with your reading - you are so accurate! You are amazing! I have a much deeper understanding of my life’s path. And yes, this was healing - I am now more comfortable with who I am. I am deeply grateful to you.”— Annette

​"Thea combined her formidable knowledge with her gift of intuition to see beyond the veil of this world revealing the essence of my life's purpose.  Her reading not only helped me resolve shadowy past life trauma - it gave me the guidance I needed to pursue the fulfilling path I am on today." 

-Asha Catman, animist minister & singer-songwriter

Check out her work at: Psyches GIft


We begin Wednesday, October 18 in your inbox


6 weekly prompts and sessions through November 22  (yours to keep forever)


- 4 guided journeys into the depths of your psyche and cellular memory & homework to your inbox with healing artist Veruschka Normandeau

- 4 custom designed 1 hour tapping (EFT) sessions recorded and delivered to you

- 2 custom tailored to our event  astrology classes on how your birth chart influences your cycle and your psyche

- 2 live Q & A meetings with evolutionary astrologer Thea Wirshing

- secret Facebook group to share our process together

- potent group sharing with personal & artistic prompts

- tools to empower you and adjust your perspective & perception from there on out
-chance to win a custom Hawaiian vibrational flower essence blend
-a live full moon circle with Thea and Veruschka on Zoom for intimate sharing
-a closing guided vision board party on Zoom
-mail in a symbolic item for me to offer to Pele in virtual closing ritual

-women's rite of passage ceremony
-surprise drawings for: summer solstice perfume, a Ceres reading & a floralia session
-personal reading special offers
-2 facilitators to support your journey
​-sacred sisterhood in safe, intimate environment


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